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Redesign your life after divorce

If you’ve been divorced for over a year and you still feel like you are in some kind of purgatory, then you’re in the right place!

Things are starting to come back into focus, yet you may still be feeling angry and a little sad, yet the last place you want to wind up is in the bitter barn.

After all, you are a happy, fun person who just doesn’t feel quite like herself.

And you are done with drinking the pain away.

You are dying to get “unstuck” and there is a part of your soul that knows deep down the “new you” is ready to rise from the ashes like a Phoenix!

It’s time to stop floundering!

Let’s reinvent your Bad Self!

We will take the next 6 months and first figure out exactly why this divorce happened FOR you, not TO you (I promise this will make sense in time). And we’ll leverage it all as an opportunity to catapult you to a juicier, more joyful and waaaay more exciting life than when you were hanging out with your ex!!

(And not to spoil the ending for you, but there’s plenty of LOVE to be had in this new life of yours!!)

During this 6 month program you will:

  • Eliminate worry and self -doubt and become the vibrant, sexy, confident person you were always meant to be
  • Learn new, highly effective tools and skills for coping with stress and anxiety, and overcoming painful thoughts and limiting beliefs
  • Move on from worrying about past spouses/loves and channel your energy back into YOUR life
  • Develop lifelong strategies for staying grounded
  • Eradicate your love blocks and amplify your love vibration
  • Tune into your intuition and learn to follow it
  • Discover the secrets to creating “real magic” when it comes to love!
  • Fall back in love with YOURSELF and your LIFE!

Ditch your 9-5

If you feel like your 9-5 is sucking your soul dry, listen up!

You know how, in Corporate America, you feel like you’ve got to show up as this OTHER person?

There’s the real person that you are with the people who love you for you.  The YOU who digs astrology and crystals and mystical shit and really wants to let your “Woo Woo” flag fly.  The YOU who knows deep down that you are here for something MUCH bigger.

You know you have some amazing gifts to share with the world -- you are just having trouble clearly defining exactly what they are.

Then there’s that stiff phony person you think you’re SUPPOSED to be at work.  Because there’s an expectation of how you are “supposed’ to show up and if you break the mold or color outside the lines, you get called out by your boss under the guise of “giving you feedback” or “employee development.”

The problem is, the person you think you’re SUPPOSED to be isn’t, and never will be the real, authentic YOU.

And the corporate politics, the phony bullshit jargon, the posturing and pretending, all make you want to throw up a little in your mouth.  And it’s gotten kinda painful to keep showing up and faking it.

If you’re really being honest with yourself? You kind of hate your job, your paycheck is just a golden handcuff that barely covers your bills, and you are at the end of your rope with BEING that person you feel like you need to be to show up at the place where you work.


  • You’re not wrong for feeling this way
  • You WERE put on this earth to do magical shit
  • You CAN be successful being your whole, authentic self
  • Abundance is your birthright
  • Your intuition is your superpower
  • I’m here to help you discover your true purpose and create meaningful work -- whether that be a new job you are better suited for, or finally starting the business of your dreams!
“Jess was kind and insightful!”
— Jenn D.