I was ready to quit the job...in the interview.

I was ready to quit the job...in the interview.

Before I drew the line in the sand two years ago and decided to re-design my life to be a full-time life coach, I went on a job interview for a job I knew I would hate that I really did not want.

The job was with a national dental practice chain that will remain unnamed.  I was sitting in the office, having answered all the questions asked by the interviewer as candidly as possible.  AND, after listening to a list of daily tasks required of the job that I was already completely averse to doing, I was invited to meet…THE DENTIST.

“I only do this for candidates I am really interested in!”  Said the interviewer enthusiastically.

“Great” I said weakly, wondering how I had even gotten that far.

The dentist came in.  Her energy alone immediately made me feel ill at ease.  I couldn’t imagine being in her dentist’s chair with my mouth open.

Then, she opened HER mouth.

“In my office, when we are working, there is NO giggling and NO laughing.”  She stated intensely.

“Could you say more about that?”  I asked her, in a pleasant tone.  If this was really the case, I imagined myself getting fired on the first day.  I laugh constantly and even with all my acting training, it’s super difficult and majorly inauthentic to turn that off.   

She went on a tirade about how everyone “needed” to be serious around patients.  And that laughter was unprofessional.

Laughter.  Was.  Unprofessional.


I was ready to quit.  I was ready to QUIT the JOB.  IN THE INTERVIEW.   There wasn’t even an offer yet.

Nor would there be, following my next well played comment.

“I’m a big believer that laughter makes for a much more enjoyable workplace.  “Fun gets more done” you know?”  I said, smiling earnestly at her. 

No.  She did not.  She did not know.  Nor did she have any interest in knowing or in entertaining this concept.  After a few forced pleasantries, they scooted me out the door, much to my relief.

I left knowing I had done the right thing and had dodged a bullet.  I imagined what could have happened had I gone against the grain of my own beliefs and agreed with the dentist that laughter was unprofessional and somehow:

A.      landed the job

B.      decided to give it a go


C.      It would have been a short- lived NIGHTMARE. 

There was another time in an interview when I felt the same way.  I was interviewing for a recruiting job that involved staffing for accounting firms.

STAFFING.  FOR ACCOUNTING FIRMS.  Already a yawn fest before even getting to the interview.

The interviewer for this one was super jazzed about the business.  He rambled on and on like he was on his 10th cup of coffee. 

“You’re gonna be goin’ all day, chasing a BUNCH of leads, making a hundred phone calls, calling up people from newspaper ads and the yellow pages!  (It was 2004, after all) At the end of day, you’re going to be EXHAUSTED.  And then you’re gonna come back the next day and do it all over again!” he said emphatically, looking at me as though I should be enchanted with this possibility.

Way to spin it, Cowboy.   I thought, ready to quit the gig right there.

And then there was the time I was ready to quit the job while reading the JOB POSTING.

It was 2013.  I had just gotten laid off from a 13-month long engagement with a national company as a Sales trainer.  This particular posting was for an outside sales job.  Selling urethral catheters to medical facilities.

Let that sink in for a minute.

 Urethral catheters.  Selling them.  To medical facilities.

I sat with this possibility.

I tried to imagine myself getting all fired up about my product.  An innovative urethral catheter.  One that was superior to other urethral catheters in the marketplace.  The best urethral catheter in existence.

 Explaining this at functions when people asked me: “What do you do?”

“I sell urethral catheters.” 



Although I joke now, I am so grateful to have had these moments.  It’s extremely helpful to realize what you want by understanding what you DON’T want. 

It takes experiences like these to push you to your edge.  It takes experiences like these to realize you are trying to be a square peg in a round hole and that you are busy chasing opportunities that mean nothing to you, just to pay your bills.

Rather than getting busy figuring out what you REALLY WANT and going in pursuit of a calling that sets your soul on fire. 

It’s time to quit these jobs before you interview. 

What do you really want to do with your “wild and precious life?”

 You are not “too old” and it’s never “too late.”  Your new life awaits you.  It really is just a decision away.

 It is up to you to decide. 

(If you find yourself in the market for a little one-on-one support in crystallizing your calling and moving through any blocks that may be standing in the way of you truly GOING FOR IT I would love to speak with you.  Please feel free to reach out to me directly or sign up for a 30- minute discovery call on my website-agelessjess.com)




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