I'm DONE! (Waiting, that is)

I'm DONE! (Waiting, that is)

I used to spend an extraordinary amount of time...

W A I T I N G.

WAITING until “The time was right”
WAITING until “I had the money”
WAITING until “Everything was perfect”
WAITING until I lost the weight, or felt better about myself.
WAITING for next week, next month or next year.

WAITING and procrastinating and making excuses.

WASTING thousands of precious moments when I should have been saying
“HELL YES!” and “NOW” and “Let’s DO this THING!!”

Money was my favorite “go to” obstacle.

“I can’t afford it right now”
“I would love to do that but it’s too expensive.”
“That sounds GREAT for the people who have the money...”

Until one day, I called myself on my own bullshit.

There was a deep part of me that I needed to heal. I felt subconsciously unworthy of my desires and was creating excuses as to why I could not have them “YET.”

And so, with a little help from the mentors in my life, I excavated this immobilizing nonsense, shined a blinding light on it, examined it one last time and then blew it up.

Like a freaking Molotov Cocktail.
I changed it to:

“YES, I totally want that.”
“YES, I can totally have that”
“YES, I totally deserve that”
“YES, PLEASE, and “Right fucking NOW, THANK YOU!”

The people who step up to work with me don’t get a pass to keep saying the same tired old nonsense.

My clients give themselves the opportunity to finally BLAZE past their excuses and quantum shift their very beings into the most fully self expressed, fulfilled and next level versions of themselves.

And they ask themselves new questions like:

“How am I going to make this happen?”
“Who do I need to BE to create this?”
“How do I CREATE the resources to make what I want a reality?

What does YOUR new narrative need to become to finally get what it is you truly want?

Riddle me THAT.

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Also, be sure to come visit in my Private Facebook Group “Mystic Lemonade”

My Linked In Network is full of Voyeurs.  Why I stay.

My Linked In Network is full of Voyeurs. Why I stay.

Stop saying you'll "try"

Stop saying you'll "try"