What’s the antidote for a toxic workplace?

What’s the antidote for a toxic workplace?

Reaching out and having some real conversations with several of my connections over the past few weeks has been a major eye-opener. I have been connecting with others to learn more about how we could support one another and to share more about who I serve as a Coach (i.e. Burned out execs that want OUT of the Corporate rat race) and the things I have heard have had many common themes.

EVERY ONE I spoke to had a story about a toxic work situation or environment that had an impact on THEM, whether it involved them directly or indirectly.  

These were some of the phrases I heard.  Word for word. 

“Someone I thought was a friend stabbed me in the back”

“It’s a very “dog eat dog” culture

“Most of the upper management is cutthroat and competitive”

“I’m expected to prioritize work over my personal life.”

“It’s like a witch hunt.”

“They pushed me out”

“Instead of addressing it they just kicked her upstairs”

“Boss from hell.”  

“Bunch of phony B.S” 

What does all this toxicity and nonsense in these corporate workplaces boil down to?

Here are a few clues.  

Scarcity mindsets.




People are living in a state of perpetual panic that someone’s gonna “move their cheese”,  running scared of the possibility of losing their position on the Corporate chess board.  Of having their golden handcuff ripped off their wrist only to be thrown to the even more fearful pack of unemployed wolves.  Often their fears are about jobs, when they really examine how they feel about their current positions, actually despise.

Many corporate players are so mired down in fear that they’ve all but forsaken the human heart centered elements of compassion, empathy, collaboration and support.  It’s saddening to know that to many grown adults, these human qualities are no longer at the forefront of their corporate consciousness.  

It is, however, heartening to know are many corporations that are prioritizing healthy company culture above all else and we should applaud their efforts.  Unfortunately, there are just as many that are stuck in a time warp of dated operations and toxic corporate politics that have everyone suffering, fearful and walking around on eggshells. 

I now own my own company, so I can put this topic on the table and with no fear of backlash or retaliation. And I’ll be honest, it feels amazing.

But for many, this conversation is rendered entirely taboo.

Who else can attest for the need to steer this ship away from the iceberg ?  

Believe it or not, you can walk away. Find a healthier space. Better yet, start your own dream business.

If you do choose to stay in a toxic Corporate Culture for fear that “It’s no better out there” Then ask yourself this: how can you be part of the solution?  

Jess Reidell is an Intuitive Life and Career Coach who supports people in transition who crave freedom and purpose and want to shift into a profitable new vocational success path that aligns with their soul. There are currently TWO more 1:1 spots coming available in October 2019 for her signature Four Month Course #AnyLifeYouWant, where she supports clients with massive expansion and action in shifting their career or moving into Entrepreneurship.

See website to apply to work with Jess.

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