It's SAFE to be RICH

It's SAFE to be RICH

Confession time here.  

I am currently celebrating A MAJOR money breakthrough that is both weird and embarrassing and AWESOME all at the same time.  

I realized over the weekend that I had a really BIG problem with the word...wait for it....


The word itself has always made me scritchy and uncomfortable.    

Like somehow this word is only  intended to describe “other” people who were stuck up and boring and wore sweaters over their shoulders and hung out at country clubs playing tennis.   And God forbid I become one of THOSE.  (Judge much, Jess? sheesh.  This nonsense started when I was a kid) 

This silly stereotype was obviously a big part of my problem.  I somehow had bought into a subconscious belief that if I became rich, I would somehow have to join a country club, act all snooty and fake, and start playing tennis.  

What a fucking cliche.  

(Did I mention I HATE tennis?).  

So not only did I rarely use the word RICH to describe other people, I never considered or acknowledged that I was aspiring to “BE” RICH myself.  

What in the actual HELL?  

This is one of the biggest money blocks of all that has been a blind spot for me since I started coaching.  With as much time and effort as I’ve spent in the past three years working on my money blocks AND helping clients with theirs, one would imagine I would have figured this one out by now.  

“Oh no.  I don’t need excesses of anything, EVER, thank you very much.  I only ever need “JUST ENOUGH.”  That’ll be just FINE.  

Just “enough” MONEY. 

Just “enough” clients to feel like I’m making a difference and earning “a living.” 

Just “enough” food in the house for the next couple of meals.

Like it was somehow wrong or bad to expect or desire more.  

I’ve been doing this in so many areas of my life.  This whole “Less is more” business. In areas where, quite frankly it does not exactly apply.  

But “just enough” has been my message to the Universe when it comes to money most of my career and that is exactly what the Universe has been giving back to me.

Epiphany here: when it comes down to the dollars, MORE is MORE.


Last year I kept saying to my Coach and the Universe that I wanted to get out of the “energy” of “JUST ENOUGH” as I seemed to be staying STUCK there. 

And stuck I was.  

And today, I am expressing to myself, the Universe and anyone who will listen that, starting NOW...with my new prices AND my new paradigm...

That It’s SAFE to be RICH.

*To dig in and move through some of your own blocks, whether they be to love, money or anything else, set up a discovery call right here on my website to see if you are a fit for my 1:1 VIP Coaching or one of my Signature group programs.

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