The Year of my 2.0 Personal Upgrade

The Year of my 2.0 Personal Upgrade

So last year on December 31st  I officially claimed 2017 as my best year EVER.  

I wasn’t kidding.  At all. 

I’m sure it all sounded a little “Pollyanna” at the time to some, but I was completely serious.  

 In August of 2017  I stopped working for other people.  I abandoned a paycheck, stepped out on faith, rented an office (That I affectionately dubbed “The Lair”) and officially opened up my coaching practice full time.   

I guess you could say I “felt the fear and did it anyway.”

I did NOT have a plan B.  

2018 was a bit of a different animal.    Just as some might have said I was hitting my stride; the sheer terror of what I had done and how it was all playing out entered stage left.  

Throughout 2018  I had major wins and major disappointments.  I saw 44 clients both 1:1 and in groups through amazing transformations, and had a client throw in the towel halfway through, before the miracle.   I guested on podcasts and got a book deal.  I published a website and started blogging.  Dave and I went on a cruise to Havana, and spent 10 wonderful days celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary.  I tripled my Social media connections across three platforms.  

From a financial perspective, there were flush months and not-so-flush months.  There were sparse months and then there was a certain month that felt downright SCARY, during which I likened my finances to a precarious game of JENGA.  

You get the picture. 

But the Divine was always looking out.  Source continually had my back and somehow, someway, great things continually came through, even in what felt like the final hour.  

I embraced my divinity,  taught myself every day to dance with the unknown, detach from the outcome and do a “trust fall” with The Universe.  

At times, I navigated the energy of feeling like I was somehow getting by with  “just enough” while at the same time  being in awe of all the abundance the Universe was Illuminating and offering to me.  

The magic of duality.  

I realized my need for continued support and that there was way more heavy lifting to be done in terms of my own growth and development.  

I invested in myself.  I attended retreats, worked with a couple amazing coaches and did a six month Mastermind where I created my first platform launch.  


I realized that the growth never stops.  Until we bounce.  And not even then, really. 

2018  may not exactly top 2017 to qualify as “My Best Year Ever” 

But guess what?

I wouldn’t change a THING. 

2018 is the year that I realized no one else’s opinion of me matters but mine.  It is the year I claimed and owned my worth.  It is the year I decided (in December) to stop undercharging for the level of service and transformation I provide, because it might not be considered “affordable” by some.  

It is the year I  I stepped into being the 2.0 version of MYSELF.  

Thank you, 2018.  

Welcome 2019. 

May the upgrades continue.  

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It's SAFE to be RICH

It's SAFE to be RICH

My Linked In Network is full of Voyeurs.  Why I stay.

My Linked In Network is full of Voyeurs. Why I stay.