Think you don’t “need” a Coach?  Read THIS!

Think you don’t “need” a Coach? Read THIS!




So this is embarrassing.


Before I hired my first Coach I used to think I didn’t N E E D a Coach.


I thought I could BE a COACH myself, but I didn’t need to P A Y for Coaching.  Noooooo Not M E. 




-Once upon a time, I was a Personal Trainer. 


-I spent 13 years in the Weight Management Industry-coaching and training people.


-I could skate by working with my Martha Beck Coaches that I trained with and they could help me to sort out all my stuff.  


-There were lots of low budget E-Courses out there that I could take advantage of.


THESE are the things I used to tell myself.


Was I ever W R O N G.  


Energetically, there was something amiss.  I had all this “scritchiness’ around my own service pricing.    I was ridiculously undercharging for my services, working with people who wanted a “Coach on the Cheap.”  


Talk about EMBARRASSING.  


On some level, I felt unworthy of what of I wanted to charge.  


That is, UNTIL I paid a sum of money that made me QUITE UNCOMFORTABLE and hired my own Coach.


Game. Fucking. Changer.  


I asked myself this-HOW could I say I was being authentic in my business when I was denying that there was something much bigger I WISHED I was doing?  And rates much higher that I WISHED I was charging? 


I wanted to be WHERE my Coach was.  She was BEING someone I wanted to BE.  She VALUED her services.  She was ready, willing and able to show up and ask a price that some might scoff at.


What I learned about this little trippy little fact:


The SCOFFERS are not your CLIENTS.  


Let them move along.


The moral of this story:




And you won’t ever really understand until you do it.   When you invest in yourself, you are investing in the next level version of YOURSELF that you are going to BE on the OTHER SIDE of your Coaching Engagement.  


In the past 12 months I’ve invested almost a third of what I’ve earned into my own self-development.  It has been absolutely transformative.  And worth EVERY PENNY.  


So if you still THINK you don’t need coaching...


I Double Dog Dare you to hire your own Coach.


But ONLY if it’s a sum of money that makes you “quite uncomfortable.”


The level at which you INVEST is the level at which you will SHOW UP and the level to which you will TRANSFORM.  


Don’t waste another second not becoming who you were born to be.



*Currently accepting applications for my Six Month Mastermind “Move Your Magic Meter” -set up a discovery call on my website or message me directly to apply or for more information. 


“The World is ready for your magic”

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