Who are you BEING Right Now?

Who are you BEING Right Now?

WARNING-Vulnerable blog post alert.

Who are you BEING right now?

Last summer/early fall after I had rented the Lair (what I nicknamed my office space), opened my practice and walked away from the so called “security” I felt the money from my part time job was giving me-I panicked.

After stepping out on faith, I stepped back into fear.

FEAR that this wasn’t going to work.

FEAR that I wasn’t enough.

FEAR that my clients wouldn’t show up.

FEAR of failing in my business and being humiliated.

I called my own Coach in a panic.

“I don’t know what I’m doing wrong!! I feel like I’m doing everything to put myself out there-and I still have not gotten one new client!” I whined to her.

“Jess-it’s not about what you are DOING. The question you need to ask yourself is who are you BEING right now?”

I was stunned. Then it dawned on me.
Who was I BEING, by living in the energy of fear?

The answers came hard and fast.

I was BEING a person who was OUT OF FAITH.

I was BEING a person who was not in the energy of RECEIVING.

I was BEING a person who was feeling and living the low vibrational energy of blocked, stuck and unworthy.

You cannot be in FEAR and in FAITH at the same time.

And then later that month, on a mat on the floor at the Ignite and Expand Retreat in Sedona-the answers came. Like a loud whisper:

“You need to make space. You need to make room. Create space for abundance. You need to get into receiving mode.”

I listened. And, in doing so, I became a vibrational match for the people I was meant to serve. I started BEING the person and the coach who I was meant to BE. Pure magic.

Within two weeks of that Retreat, two women reached out to me and showed up at my office. They needed the exact components and deliverables of the two programs I had designed two months before. And they committed by investing significantly in themselves in order to work with me. And work we did. To two stunning, beautiful transformative ends.

Are you feeling frustrated and stuck in the energy of waiting? Do you need to shift who you are being to call in the abundance that is your birthright?

Who are you BEING right now?  And who are you meant to BE?

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Thanks, Mom

Thanks, Mom