My Linked In Network is full of Voyeurs.  Why I stay.

My Linked In Network is full of Voyeurs. Why I stay.

My Linked In feed is inundated with inauthentic Voyeurs who tiptoe cautiously around.

 They read and see plenty, but they rarely engage.

 They’re “just looking.”  They prefer to WATCH.   

There.  I said it. 

How do I know this?

Because I once did it too.   So please believe me when I say I get it.  Boy do I ever.

A few years back I returned to a company I had worked for previously, after a significant gap of time.  In the event you happen to be considering doing this, I would invite you to really feel into the decision before making the leap.  There’s usually a reason you didn’t stay.  Whatever it may be.  I chose to learn this the hard way. 

In my instance, the analogy I created after going back was that, under the chaotic circumstances, returning to this company felt kind of like re-marrying one’s ex-husband. 

Only now he’s Schizophrenic.   

Let that sink in. 

I expressed this to my Boss.  It was not well received.

It became very clear to me that the decision to return to this organization was one that was out of alignment with the person I had become.  We were no longer a fit. 

To say that the first month back did not go well would be to put it mildly.   Every facet of my being was in resistance to the decision I had made.  I couldn’t fake it.  I was told I was “off my game” It was true.  My Boss passed along some disturbing rhetoric that was shared from the higher ups regarding my re-hire.  

“Hire SLOW, Fire FAST!”

What was I to make of this exactly?  I found it quite unsettling.   

I happened to find an article by Liz Ryan from the Human Workforce poking fun at and holes in this “Hire Slow, Fire Fast” dated corporate bullshit idiom.  I read it and agreed with it.

So I posted it on Linked In.

And the powers that were, saw that I did. 

I believe this to be one of the many reasons that I am no longer in this particular company’s employ.

I eventually came to know that the Universe was, in fact doing me a favor. I had been doing the world a huge disservice years leading up to this by not showing up as the real me.  Was posting that article a little passive aggressive?  Sure it was.  But it was WHAT I BELIEVED TO BE TRUE.  And in the moment I chose to post that article, I was done hiding.

I understand why so many people on the Linked In platform are afraid to show up as who they really are and express what they really believe to be true.  And they would rather not comment and post about much at all lest it be misperceived by their employer.   A few months back I created a post about this very phenomenon and got some really interesting comments. 

“It’s as if you read my mind!” (Great! It’s not just me)

“I rarely comment because Linked In (at least in my eyes) is a live, professional RESUME” (Wow-fascinating)

“I find Linked In to be the most counter-intuitive, useless, and frustrating social media app I’ve ever used” (A little harsh, but ok)

“Welcome to the world of social media” (Thanks. I’m here to deconstruct it)

Oddly enough, it was this very post that got the most response of any post EVER.  Probably because I “double dog dared” people to respond if they agreed.  Who doesn’t like a challenge?

Which brings me to my next point. 

For the past eight months, I have been showing up on Linked In bringing my FULL, AUTHENTIC voice to my content and messaging as an Intuitive Life Coach. I work with people who want to break free of Corporate America or re-design their lives and careers.

 I show up. Write. Post.  Repeat.   Hundreds of views.  No engagement.  Just CRICKETS. 

Rest assured that it’s not that I NEED “likes” and comments on Linked in to validate that my content is worthwhile.  I know my messaging rocks because it originates straight from my SOUL.  And I am speaking directly to the SOULS of YOU, my dear clients who just don’t know yet how free your life could be .  I am letting you know that you can STOP tiptoeing around the Corporate jungle and CREATE the life and career of your so-called dreams.  I talk about magic because it’s part of my platform. I’ve ceased to give a howling fuck what others think of me.  Scary sort of posts to “like” or comment on, I know.  Because awareness is the first step to awakening and it’s a lot safer to just move along and just stay asleep. 

I am NOT trying to get to join my MLM and be on your way to becoming your own boss, blah, blah, blah.  I’ve been down that road and it wasn’t really for me so that’s not where I’m headed with this at all.

What I AM encouraging you to do is to stop suppressing the whispers of your soul-those whispers that keep nudging you and telling you are meant for bigger things.  TRUTH BOMB -you could create and succeed in just about ANY business you desire, providing that your heart and your soul were aligned with it.  I’m not saying it is going to be effortless and I’m not saying it is will be easy, but it’s POSSIBLE.

 I promise.

 I did it myself. 

I once had the limiting belief that I HAD to have a Corporate job to “survive.”

Which is pretty much all was doing when I was in Corporate.  Surviving.  Barely. 

And I know now that this was just a story I had told myself.  A lie.  One that thousands of Namby-Pamby voyeurs who are still tip-toeing around in fear trolling for a better job on Linked In are telling themselves too.

And that’s exactly why I stay.  And show up.  And write.  And post.  And listen to the Crickets.  And SMILE.

Because the CRICKETS are MY CLIENTS.   This I know.  Because I was a cricket once too.  Until I wasn’t.  And once I was no longer a cricket there was no way to un-ring that bell.  I won’t lower my voice.  And I won’t stop speaking my truth.

Freedom is yours, if you step up to claim it.

Are you ready?   YAAAS?   Still terrified?  That’s normal. 

Come forward.

Claim the life that is meant for you.   You are SO MUCH MORE than a Corporate Cricket. 


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