Move Your Magic Meter


Sisterhood Masterclass

Amplify your feminine power, quantum shift into your future self and realize your secret dream
by following your intuition and re-connecting with your inner magic!

June 3rd to November 18th, 2019
Limited to just 8 ladies!

6 months:

  • Master the tools to tap into your intuition

  • Reconnect with your Body and Soul

  • Discover your most authentic soul purpose

  • Excavate and ERADICATE your money blocks and heal your money story

  • Allow unlimited abundance to flow into your life with ease

  • Discover your own personal coaching “flavor” and “brand” of magic

  • Fall in love with yourself and the magical life you create!

Zoom Video Calls Wednesday at 4:00 pm PST//6:00 PM CST//7 pm EST



  • Three 90-minute group coaching calls/mo (18 total) - Receive a Hotseat coaching each week!

  • One 60-minute 1:1 coaching call/mo (6 total)

  • One 90 minute energy session including a Future Life Progression

  • Intuition, Money and magic Toolbox E-Course- 12 total modules

  • Guest Expert Panels (Interviews from Industry Leaders) (4 total)

  • Intimate Sisterhood

  • Guest Coaches during featured months


  • Private Move Your Magic Meter ™ Facebook group with unlimited access to Jess

  • One on one “Discover Your Life Purpose” Coaching session

  • Guided Meditations

  • Reading List and Support Documents

  • Fun Surprises along the way!


  • Learn to channel your higher self to find all of your answers within

  • Get clear on your unique Soul Purpose

  • Practice new strategies to move through and detox from fear

  • Discover how to use your body as a guiding compass (Secret:  It never lies!)

  • Heal your old money story and create your own unlimited capacity to receive massive abundance!

  • Learn to receive support from many different sources: the Force that creates solar systems is creating this vision with you!  That’s how much support you have access to!

  • Discover how to embrace and show up as your authentic self to serve your highest purpose and attract new opportunities to you.

  • Connect with your unique inner magic and design your life exactly how YOU want it!!

  • Take your secret dream off the shelf, dust it off and bring it into the NOW!


Choose to create one of the following (This will be our special Focus for you)

  • A Signature Group Program (Unique to You-great for new Coaches)

  • A new entrepreneurial Career Endeavor

  • A new side passion to create an additional stream of income


Do you feel like you have a secret dream that is burning inside of you, but you're afraid that if you reveal this dream or set your plans in motion fully you'll be judged, ridiculed or worse yet, not be successful?  

Yet at the same time, you secretly long for the courage and support to realize your secret dream and make it your new Life’s Work? (Or create an aligned side business providing a juicy secondary stream of income?)

Do you have a feeling that in order to become the Woman you're meant to become, it will involve healing your shadows, stepping out of hiding and being SEEN but you just don't know how?

I can promise you that you are not alone in these feelings. And while you do make up a very special, and small part of the population, that does NOT mean that you have to go it alone.

Move your Magic Meter ™ is a mastermind program for fierce and fearless women to rise up as the sovereign creators, freedom seekers and magical authors of their own lives.  If you can relate to any of the questions above, , I'd love to work with you!

Through a combination of of the 12 magic making modules,  4 Guest Expert Interviews, group and monthly 1:1 calls with me, you’ll be able to re-discover and tap into your personal magic, step into your Bigness, and have the support to use your passion and purpose to create an enchanting and magical life!


A one on one live Facebook interview in my Private Facebook group about how you are
bringing your secret dream alive!


Module 1: Magic Body

  • Reconnect with your body, shift your identity and step into your desires

Module 2: Magic Money

  • Healing your money story and Integrating the Shadow

Module 3: Magical Systems, structures and Spaces

  • Creating Space for Systems and Structures that sustain magic!

Module 4: Hygge and the Magic art of exceptional self-care

  • Snuggle into winter and the holiday season and create new magical
    comfort rituals to nurture yourself

Module 5: Magic FREEDOM and Creating your own Magic Toolbox

  • What best practices move your personal Magic Meter?

Module 6: Magic Love and Keeping the Magic alive

  • The secret to creating,receiving and sustaining magical LOVE in your life.


“Jess opened my eyes to how exciting and magical life could be. Her coaching experience gave me the support, courage, strength enthusiasm and accountability I needed to take the steps to feel alive and happy. The light inside me has been sparked and and I look forward to the amazing possibilities to come in this wonderful and magical world.”
— Cori W. - Re-Claim Your Magic Graduate
“Jess provided so much positive reinforcement as well as a framework to help me identify the changes I wanted to make and specific steps to get there. She has truly empowered me to transform my life and I will be forever grateful!”
— Karen P became an entrepreneur and opened her own Power Yoga Studio “Bring it Om” after completing her Six month “Big Results” package
“Jess, your bubbly magical way is awe-inspiring and contagious. I could pinch myself for how lucky I am to have been underneath your pixie dust brush.”
— Ariel S

All my love!