What is it?

A 21 day self paced online program for women that will teach you how to not only FACE  your fear, but learn to navigate it with grace and ease so that you can do the things that you’ve put off doing because, let’s face it, you’ve been too AFRAID.  

This course is designed to help you blast through your fears and ignite you to actually DO that radical and exciting THING or THINGS- like starting a business, throwing your hat in the ring for that fat promotion, moving to a new city or finally taking the step of letting that guy you’re crushing hard on know that you’re interested! 

This is for you if:

  • You are tired of having brilliant ideas that you are excited about but you never take action on them cuz you always start second guessing yourself 

  • Staying out of your head is daily struggle, and no matter how excited you are about the things you want to call into your life, you always freeze, procrastinate or rationalize that it probably isn’t a good idea or won’t work.

  • You’re always daydreaming about the freedom you crave, the money you want to make and the life you WISH you had

  • You find yourself in the comparison trap with people who are doing the things you wish you were doing and living the kind of lives that make you feel envious

  • You’re ready to STOP letting your fear run the show and GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY with some real tools that you can go back to over and over until you’ve truly mastered them

  • If you’re ready to make FEAR your B*TCH... Then this program is for you. 

(If you are cool with hanging out in the purgatory of the status quo and want to stay in your comfort zone of resistance and fear then this ISN’T for your right now) 

What You’ll Get:

  • 3 weeks in a private FB community (lifetime access)

  • 3x live trainings and 3 recorded modules

  • Weekly Q&A with Jess

  • Training #1 FACE and FEEL your FEAR 

Yeah. I know you’re probably running from this one and so was I for a long time.  Let’s bring that shit to the surface and face it HEAD ON so we can blow it up like a Molotov cocktail and take it’s power away.

  •  Training #2:  DETOX and DISMANTLE your FEAR

  • Training #3:  SHIFT AND SHAPE your LIFE.  

You can’t miss this step!  Time to consider and create what you actually WANT.  (No more thinking about what you DON’T want-that’s your FEAR talking Girlfriend!) 

In week 3, now that your fear has dissipated, it’s time to get to all the amazing shit you’re meant to be doing that you’ve been holding back on.  Stop doing the world a disservice by not showing up for yourself the way you are meant to.  You are meant for MORE.  Be big.  Take up space.  Do what makes you happy. 

Life is too short to let FEAR keep holding you back from taking the RISKS that will get you where you want to be.  


First 3 people to join the course get a 30 minute 1-1 with me where we get to the core of your fears in this exclusive intuitive coaching session


If you join by Friday October 23 you’ll get on a special ZOOM call where I will work with you to help you master dissolving and reframing your negative thoughts

We start Tuesday October 29th

Doors Close at 11:59 EST on Monday, October 28th

Contact me with questions or with your best email if you would like do the
payment plan option. 

They say “Fear is the cock blocker of dreams”

Don’t let fear keep standing in the way.  

Let’s face it, FEAR IS A B*TCH

Now let’s make it YOUR B*TCH!