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Let’s take the next six months together and we will get this ALL sorted out!!

  • The first three months we will meet weekly one-on-one via phone or Skype (or in person if you happen to live in Atlanta!) the next three months, we’ll meet every other week to allow time for integration

  • I will hold your hand and guide you through some magical coaching tools to excavate your life purpose

  • You  will discover some things about yourself  that will absolutely blow your mind and change the trajectory of your life

  • We will get super clear on your next, (and best) moves when it comes to your career

  • You will integrate what you’ve learned to create the job and life you’ve only dreamed about!

I'm Jess and I'm here to take your hand and show you how to change your life. Work with me and this can be your new reality:

  • You’ve discovered your true gifts that you were born to give and have turned these gifts into a career that your soul has been begging you to pursue

  • You no longer get queasy on Sunday nights and you’ve stopped hating Monday mornings

  • “Work” no longer feels like “work” but more like “fun” or “play”

  • Your friends and family can’t get over how much happier and more vibrant you are!

  • You’ve fallen back in love with your life!



On my 45th birthday, my husband turned to me and said, “How does it feel to be halfway to 90?”

At first I was PISSED!!  How dare he imply that I was getting old?  Screw that!

In my mind, I mostly still felt like a teenage girl thinking about the fun I was going to have with my friends or planning my next big adventure or romantic encounter.   

But something about that moment forced me to re-evaluate my whole world and my entire being, and I realized I was frittering my one and only precious life committing most of my energy working for toxic corporate entities that gave approximately 0 fucks about me.

And so another sobering realization came up for me: I WAS NOT HAPPY.

I am thankful now, for that facetious question my husband asked over my birthday dinner.  I wonder if I would have ever had the epiphany that SOMETHING needed to change if it had not come up that day.    

In the next year, I completely redesigned my ENTIRE LIFE, took Martha Beck’s Life Coach training program, quit the corporate scene once and for all, rented a space I call my Life Coaching “Lair,” and popped open my Coaching practice.

Martha Beck always said, “Whatever your hell and back is -- that’s your gift.” So my first focus and passion was working with women who wanted to re-invent themselves after divorce.  

Although now happily remarried, my divorce had felt like a “hell and back,” so I knew I had the resources to help other women through that, and that I did, and continue to do.

But then something else bubbled up after investing in myself to work intensively for a period of time with my own coach.  With her help, I discovered another “Hell and Back” of mine had been working in the corporate grind, a place where, in a five-year span I had bounced around a bit and somehow bought  into the jacked up message that it wasn’t ok to be the real me.

In saying goodbye to corporate America, I was able to transcend this limiting belief, and embrace my authentic self like never before.  I realized that it literally BREAKS MY HEART that SO many women are working at jobs they hate, pretending to be people they are not, to get a bi-weekly paycheck that isn’t exactly turning them into wealth accumulating machines.  That there are magical, mystical women longing to be their authentic selves but who feel like they CAN’T, because they will no longer fit the corporate mold.

I am here to tell you that it’s time to draw a line in the sand and go after a life you are crazy about for the next 20 years, as opposed to dragging yourself through what feels like the SAME year 20 times.

I’m here to help you get out of this mess. To help you unleash your inner mystic and discover your true purpose so you can do work that you fucking love. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Let’s fix this shit.

“Sometimes you just need a trained professional...”
— Samantha S